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Black Male Superiority (An opinion)

Black Male Superiority (An opinion)

The concept of a white woman desiring sexual relationships with black men is now so prevalent in societal mythology and culture that it is almost undeserving of any discussion. However, the white male has also succumbed to the racial superiority of the Black race and an understanding of why this occurs and the details of the de-evolution of the white male should be understood. The concept of racial superiority is both controversial and emotional. Racial classification and the resulting claims of racial superiority/inferiority date back several hundred years. In an attempt to promote social harmony, modern science has often made the claim that the concept of race and resulting racial differences does not exist. However, modern research is beginning to demonstrate that not only do racial differences exist, but that these differences do infact support the idea that one race is in fact genetically superior to allothers.

The result of this genetic superiority being superiority over other races in all aspects of development, including cultural, physical,intellectual, and spiritual. The idea of racial superiority dates back to the time of Linneaus who first categorized man into four different and distinct races based on their location on the globe. They were the Negroid (now known as the Black race, Nubian race, or First race), the Caucasoid (now known as the White race), the Mongoloid (now known as the Yellow race), and the Aboriginoid (now referred to by any number of names referring to native peoples). Linneaus mistakenly concluded that the race composed of white or European people was the most evolved race and was therefore superior. This conclusion was based on social thinking at the time and had no basis whatsoever in scientific fact.

The erroneous idea of white racial superiority was reclaimed over and over again until in the 1800’s a scientist known as Johann Friedrich Blumenbach, went on to add that not only was the white race the most evolved, it was the original race on Earth (in other words, the first race). The ludicrous claims of white racial superiority were later even used as validation for the practice of slavery in the United States. The idea of white racial superiority continued into the 1900’s from the work of another scientist named Ernst Haeckel who agreed with Blumenbach’s ideas. It is interesting to note that as with Linneaus several hundred years earlier, Blumenbach and Haeckel did not have any scientific evidence to support the idea that the white race was superior, nor that they were the first race. Their claims were literally pulled out of the air and were accepted by white society worldwide (Haeckel’s lack of evidence, plus indications that he manipulated his data to match his beliefs later resulted in his entire career being discredited among the scientific community, yet his ideas of white racial superiority still persisted, and still do today among many uneducated people).

Despite these shortcomings, modern scientific research has begun to shed new light on the concept of race and racial superiority. It is now a well known scientifically excepted fact that modern man (Homo sapiens) evolved in Africa around 150,000 years ago, and then spread out to colonize the rest of the world. Although some radical groups (whites) would still deny this, the archeological evidence to support it is overwhelming. Just as overwhelming is the fact that the first human’s in Africa were all black. Dark skin was essential in order to survive in the Saharan heat of Africa. Even today, a person with white skin would not be able to survive without modern conveniences (i.e. sun screen) in undeveloped areas of Africa. Imagine how impossible it would have been 150,000 years ago.

As a result, nature evolved black skin in humans to help them survive, without it man would not exist today. This highlights another fact, that being that the Black race, was in fact the first race on planet Earth, and is the race that all other races are descended from. Not to mention that Black was the superior color for a human to be. The Black race (or First race) evolved in Africa 150,000 years ago and existed alone on Earth for 90,000 years. Until 60,000 years ago when human’s began migrating out of Africa to colonize Europe, Asia, and eventually the Americas. No one has yet determined what caused this migration, however, two things are certain. First, not all of the humans left Africa, in fact, the vast majority remained. Second, those that did leave evolved into the different races (Caucasoid, Mongoloid, Aboriginoid). It is unlikely that anyone will ever determine exactly why some groups of humans chose to leave Africa. However, a theory proposed by a college professor in a 1991 book has been found to be the most likely explanation. The professor noted that albinism (a genetic mutation that results in skin being almost entirely absent of melanin, the chemical responsible for the dark skin that protects people from the sun in Africa) does occur in black people. And, due to the fact that the Black race was in fact the first race on Earth, it is most likely that white people resulted from this genetic mutation and are an offshoot of the Black race. A black person with albinism would (and does) have white skin. Given the fact that people with white skin would find surviving in Africa to be much more difficult than those with dark skin (especially 60,000 years ago), it is only logical to conclude that they would migrate to cooler climates (i.e. north to Europe).

A second theory and one that has much scientific backing behind it states that the superior individuals remain and the inferior ones are pushed out. This would seem to hold up under all scientific scrutiny showing that the Black or superior race remained while the white or inferior race was pushed from the homeland of the superior race because of its inferior qualities in survival. This would include all aspects of the individual’s ability to survive including physical, mental and reproductive capabilities. Although the exact mechanisms that caused the migration and evolution of the Mongoloid and Aboriginoid people is not as well understood, it is certain that they, like the White race, evolved from the Black race as a result of a mutation and migrated outward (there is also some evidence that the Aboriginoid race may have evolved from the Mongoloid race). Following this migration, the different populations began only interbreeding with each other. This is a common henomenon in nature and often results in different species or subspecies. It is interesting to note that the term subspecies actually means the same thing as race. It is a termed used in science to describe a group within a species that is so genetically different that it can easily be identified from other members of the same species. Even more fascinating is that those members of the scientific community who claim that race does not exist, still support the idea of subspecies (or race) among other animals besides humans. As with most animals, the evolution of a subspecies is usually the result of geographic boundaries. Given the vast distances between the newly formed “races” some 60,000 years ago, it is not surprising that they no longer had contact with one another.

The 60,000 years of interbreeding of mutated humans who were in genetic isolation from pure un-mutated black DNA eventually resulted in the formation of the remaining races. Evidence to support this notion was recently published in a 1995 article in which the researcher noted that there is a 6% difference in the genetic makeup between the different races. Even more shocking is the fact that humans (of all races) have only a 2% difference in their genetic makeup when compared to chimpanzees. This does not imply by any means that any race is more closely related to chimpanzees than to another race of humans. A species is defined as animals who can reproduce and create fertile offspring, a definition which applies to all human races, but not to chimpanzees and humans.

Further evidence for the large genetic difference between races is found in forensic science which is used by law enforcement to identify skeletal remains. Forensic scientists are able to identify a bodies race with 100% accuracy based on a few skeletal pieces alone (like all parts of a human body, the skeleton is formed based on a person’s genetic makeup). What these genetic differences indicate is that although humans are a single species (Homo sapiens) there are clearly groups within the species that are so vastly genetically different from one another that they clearly qualify as subspecies (races). As a result, one must come to the conclusion that the White race, Yellow Race, and Aboriginoid race are all subspecies of the First race. (The concepts of species, subspecies, and genetic makeup are too complex to go into anymore detail here, for more clarification, the authors recommend any college level biology textbook).

The Theory of Evolution states that as time goes on, a species becomes more advanced (more evolved), but that the there are factors that can affect a species evolution, either positively or negatively. For example, the meteor the killed the dinosaurs affected their evolution negatively (i.e. it killed them all). In the same way, the genetic mutation that caused the White race has affected that subspecies evolution negatively, while the lack of that mutation within the Black race has had a positive effect. As the first race on Earth, the Black race had 90,000 years of evolution (genetic advancement) before any other races existed. Since that time, there has been an additional 60,000 years of genetic advancement for the Black race (occurring within those individuals who did not mutate and migrate out of Africa). Therefore, the Black race is in fact, 150,000 years old, and is therefore the oldest and most advanced race of human on Earth.

Many would argue that since the White race (and all other races) evolved from the Black race, that they are just as advanced, as a result of being descended from the first 90,000 years. However, evolutionary scientists have found that it is possible for species to de-evolve. That is, become less advanced, and continue perpetuating those less advanced traits. A perfect example of this phenomena is the peppered moth in England (found in almost any biology textbook). The peppered moth is a moth that for centuries was white in color and would elude its enemies by blending in with the bark of white trees common to England. After the Industrial Revolution, many of the formerly white trees of England now had black or brown bark due to air pollution. The white peppered moths were now easily visible to the birds that would eat them. Fortunately for that species, a subspecies of brown peppered moths evolved which now is able to hide on the now darkened trees. However, the white peppered moth still exists. The white peppered moths are far fewer in number than the dark peppered moths (because many are eaten by birds) but they still reproduce and continue producing offspring that have not advanced (they have not evolved the new body color to keep them alive).

In essence, the white peppered moths have de-evolved, they have not advanced with the changes in the environment and are paying the price (i.e. there are less of them now than there were). It is this 60,000 years of interbreeding with mutated DNA that has resulted in the de -evolution of the White race, and the resulting inferiority, and the evolution of the Black race and its resulting superiority (It should be noted that there is no evidence to support a hierarchy of races, that is that the Yellow or Aboriginoid races are inferior/superior to the White race or each other, due to the fact that the remaining two races appear to have evolved about 60,000 years ago, which is relatively the same time at which the White race evolved.

Evidence supports the conclusion that although genetically different, they have no traits that make them inferior or superior to the White race, they are however just as inferior to the Black race.). Much of the current evidence for the superiority of the Black race and the inferiority of the White race comes from medical research into a pigment known as Melanin. Human bodies contain many different chemical combinations that result in various pigmentation. For many years, science believed that these “pigments”, were just that, color with no biological purpose. However, recent research has found that due to the complex chemical makeup of these pigments, most (and it is estimated that probably all) have a definite effect on human physiology. Melanin has been found to be one, if not the, most influential. It has been linked directly to intelligence, creativity, and intuition. The greater the amount of melanin in a person, the more developed those attributes are (i.e. higher melanin means more intelligence, etc.). People with high melanin content are also often found to be more emotionally stable, more empathic, and more perceptive.

Perhaps melanin’s most amazing quality however, is its ability to connect or organize all these other attributes together. A person with very little melanin may be creative, and may be intelligent, but due to their lack of melanin, they will not be able to utilize all their abilities to their fullest potential. The research into melanin provides some of the best evidence to date for Black racial superiority, because melanin is also the pigment that causes black skin, especially in black people (there are other pigments that cause non-white skin color which occur in members of the Aboriginoid and Mongoloid races which are too complicated to discuss in any detail here).

Melanin is in very high quantities in members of the Black race, while it is almost non-existent in the white race (what little melanin does exist results in a sun tan, however the “tanning” melanin in white people has also been found to be slightly different (inferior)in its chemical makeup than the melanin in black people). Many White racial superiority proponents often make the argument that this cannot be true since there are so many uneducated black people throughout the world. They argue that if the same chemicals that make their skin dark had so many benefits, there would not be any poor black people or third world black nations. This argument however, does not stand up to the evidence. The truth of the matter is that a persons environment also has an effect on their development along with their genetic makeup.

The concept of being “raised by wolves”, though fanciful to many, is a scientific fact. Approximately 30 such children have been found throughout history. All were perfectly healthy and appeared bright and attentive, yet all, having been raised without human contact since soon after birth, never learned to speak or function in human society. Most died at a very young age when attempts were made to civilize them. In each of the 30 cases, it was not the genetics of the child that doomed them, it was their environment (i.e. not having human contact for so long). So it is with any “uneducated” black person, it is not their genetics, but their environment. Put another way, psychologists now recognize that a person’s development is due to how their genetic makeup makes them cope with their environment.

If a white infant and a black infant were raised in identical environments, at adulthood the black person would be the most developed (i.e. most intelligent, physically superior, emotionally advanced over the white, etc.) even though they had identical opportunities, because of his genetic advantage (melanin, etc.). Evidence of the genetic/environment relationship was proven during a study where two identical standardized IQ tests were given to inner city black youth and suburban white youth. On the first test, which was written in standard English, the white children scored much higher than the black children (as had been the norm for many years previous). For the second test, the researchers rewrote the questions so that they were worded using the slang and street terms often used by the inner city black youth. Not only did the white youth score lower than on the previous test, and the black youth scored higher (as expected), but the black youth scored much, much higher than their white suburban counterparts had on the first test. Thereby indicating that the black children were in fact more intelligent than the white children (due to their genetic makeup), but had clearly not understood the first test as a result of their environment (i.e. how they spoke). While the combination of genetics and environment mold most humans, it should be understood that this does not mean that people are necessarily bound to their situation. Many people (especially black people in the United States of America) have risen above their situation (imposed on them by white society in an effort to prevent them from showing their true potential) to better themselves.

It is interesting to note that there is also evidence to indicate that the ability to better oneself and rise above a situation appears to be more prevalent among disadvantage black people than it is among disadvantaged white people (yet more evidence of the role of genetics in human behavior). Melanin however, is not the only attribute of the Black race, which makes them genetically superior to other races. On the contrary, the Black race clearly appears to have better developed physical attributes than all other races. Evidence of this physical superiority is clearly evident in sports of all levels (i.e. high school, collegiate, and professional) where both black men and black women dominate. The proof that this advancement is the result of genetics and not environment comes from the fact that African nations that are considered poor, or third-world, still produce highly skilled athletes. Also, sports once considered to be the domain of the white man such as golf or tennis are now dominated by members of the Black race.

An article written in 2000 which appeared in several scientific journals noted that black people tend to have more advantages in physical activity as a result of more developed skeletal systems, muscular systems, and metabolism, and that these advancements in physical attributes appear to have been lost in other races after migration out of Africa.     One can only conclude that the loss of these physical skills in the White race is the result of the 60,000 years of interbreeding with mutated DNA (another example of the de-evolution of the White race). A further indication of Black racial superiority is the much-proclaimed difference in penis size. The claim of differing penis sizes among races is a topic of intense debate and controversy. Unfortunately, many uneducated white people (especially white women) are obsessed with racial penile differences, but do not understand the mechanisms behind such differences or the underlying reason for their obsession. Equally as unfortunate is the perpetuation of the belief by many uneducated people (especially white people who support the idea of Black racial superiority) that larger penis size is the only indicator of genetic superiority. As has been demonstrated previously in this article, this is simply not the case.

In fact, penis size is probably the least important piece of evidence for the support of Black racial superiority yet even in its least important evidence status it shines as further testament to racial superiority of the Black race over all others. And, it does play a major role in reproduction (and therefore in the perpetuation of superior black genetics) and merits some discussion. The scientific evidence for a larger black penis ironically dates back as far as the 1800’s with Johann Friedrich Blumenbach, the scientist who mistakenly believed the White race was the first race, who documented that black men do in fact have larger penises.   More modern research has supported this fact with an overwhelming amount of evidence. An intensive study on sexuality that occurred from 1938 until 1979 (40 years) concluded that there are racial differences in penis size and that black men, by far, had the largest penises of any race. This claim has even been re-tested on college campuses around the country on a much smaller scale (i.e. among 10 men or so) repeatedly over the last 20 years with the same results, black men DO have larger penises, ON AVERAGE. Penis size, just like eye and hair color, is the result of a persons DNA, their genetic makeup.

The fact that the majority of black men have larger penises demonstrates that a large penis on a black man is not an anomaly (as it is when it occurs on a white man), but is in fact the genetic norm.   (where the head is larger than the shaft) results in the ability to “scoop-out” previously deposited semen from a vagina during each retraction during sexualintercourse. The larger a penis (and therefore the larger the head) the more semen from a previous sexual partner can be extracted, thereby increasing the chances that the individual with the largest penis would father the child. Many people mistakenly conclude that penis size is only related to sexual pleasure, and therefore not relevant in an evolutionary sense. This is however, not the case.

Reproductive studies have shown that a larger penis can “out-compete” a smaller penis by displacing the semen deposited by the smaller penis. The shape of the head of a human penis (as well as in other animals) is the culprit of this action. If a penis is observed from underneath, one can notice a distinct “scoop-like” appearance with the scoop pointing backwards toward the shaft. This, coupled with the ridge around the penis Although this may sound absurd in a modern setting, one must realize that penis size, as with all other aspects of human physiology, has had 150,000 years to evolve. During much of that time, while humans were considered “cave-men” by popular culture, monogamy was not the norm.

In fact, anthropologists have determined that during our early pre-history, it was more advantageous for a woman to have her children from multiple fathers. That way if one father had a catastrophic genetic defect (i.e. congenital heart disease, etc.), all her children would not share that same defect, thereby increasing the chances that one or more of her children would survive to adulthood. As a result of this, early man had to evolve a way to out-compete his rival to insure that he fathered at least some of a woman’s children. If a prehistoric woman engaged in sexual intercourse with one man and then with a second man soon afterward, the second man would have the advantage if he had the larger penis (and was able to remove the majority of his competitor’s semen).

Additional circumstantial evidence for this can be found when oneconsiders the foreskin that is removed during a circumcision. This foreskin clearly evolved as a means to protect the head of the penis, indicating that it needed to be protected and must play a major role in reproduction (this is even more interesting when one considers the fact that the act of ejaculation is not dependant on the head of the penis, but the shaft). The reproductive advantage that is acquired as a result of a larger penis, like other physical attributes, appears to havebeen lost from the White race after their migration out of Africa (again, further evidence of the de-evolution of the White race).

In all human and animal cultures the females choose to breed with the most superior males. In animals this tends to be limited mostly to physically superior though some intellectual capability as in tactics used by the superior male come into play. For example if one were to examine a heard of elk one would find that the most superior male does the majority of breeding and sires the majority of offspring. Lesser or inferior males are not sought out by the female nor are they permitted to breed by the superior male. In humans before society restraints curtailed the natural breeding of humans; the superior males took the most wives and bred the most women.

Kings or tribal leader’s acquired harems for breeding to perpetuate the superior traits of that male. When given a choice, females today, even married females will seek out and breed with a superior male. Terms such as cuckoldry have become common because of this action. Married white females are likely to choose a Black male as an extra marital lover more than 50% of the time when Blacks only make up less than 10% of the population. When these numbers are adjusted to meet availability and complication factors the real effect is a 92% choice in favor of the superior Black male over an inferior white male. If availability or chance were factored into the equation where white females don’t even have a chance to meet with a Black male the number would climb even higher.

It is the de -evolution of the White race and the corresponding evolution of the Black race that has resulted in distinct thought processes in the psyche of white women. Although environment plays a key role in human development, most scientists now agree that much of human behavior is the result of our genetic makeup. As a result, much of what people do, say, think, and feel is a result of underlying subconscious feelings that result from their DNA. In the case of whites, their subconscious is the result of the last 60,000 years of de-evolution. Penis size has shrunk, testicle circumference and carrying capacity has shrunk, lasting ability has diminished and there can be no other scientific explanation other than the white male is being removed from the breeding pool slowly but steadily. Further this has come to the forefront recently. Up until recent times there was no emphasis placed on penis size.

The story was it was not the size but how it was used. But the facts have away of coming out and now you commonly hear the term “size DOES MATTER” it is even used in non sexual examples but with the sexual indication that remains scientifically valid.  As a result of this de-evolution and evolution, the subconscious mind of the white male has developed two powerful and complex underlying desires. The first being his recognition and admiration for the Black male because of his superiority. Females do not share this inner admiration of a male as other males do. The male must compete with other males so a lesser male will recognize a superior male and back off. The white male has become increasingly aware of his inferior status. He sees it daily in physical attributes shown by the dominating number of Black athletes.

He sees it with the number of white females who have taken Black males as the father of their children even though they are married to white husbands. He sees it in younger females who forsake sexual activities with white males for those of Black males and turn their white boyfriends into puppets. And when he goes head to head with a Black male on an intellectual basis he is overwhelmed by the Black Males superior capabilities.   The second being his desire to serve Blacks in order to fit in rather than be rejected and live a life of solace. He understands he must be subordinate to Blacks and find a way to be useful. Since he has no value as a superior male he must find a place to fit in and conform.

All white people realize, on a subconscious level, that they are inferior to black people. Some just find it hard to admit to it or to act accordingly and do something about it.   Despite our species the Black race(as a whole, including all subspecies (white race), cultural and technological advancements, all humans still have much of their behavior controlled by their DNA whether they are aware of it or not. This includes sexual behavior which is, as most scientists now agree, entirely genetically determined. As a result, women (of all races) subconsciously seek out males who have outward genetic traits they deem the most valuable so that their offspring would have the same traits.   Although sex in the modern world is now done more for pleasure rather than reproduction, its evolutionary purpose was (and still is) to reproduce. It is this underlying purpose that influences women’s behavior on a genetic level. Although they may desire physical pleasure without a pregnancy, subconsciously they pick partners based on their subconscious estimation of that partner’s genetic potential for their offspring. In other words, women desire sex with men whom they deem to be the most physically superior because they desire (on a subconscious level) to have superior children. Logically, due to the advanced evolution of the Black race, women of all race subconsciously have a desire to reproduce with black men (since they are superior). It is this subconscious desire to reproduce with black men that also results in the obsession many white women have with larger penises, since they know (on a subconscious level) that the largest penis will be the one that is most likely to father their children (since it will “scoop-out” any competitor’s semen). This subconscious desire to find the most genetically superior male to reproduce with manifests itself in what women use to define which males are physically attractive. It is this determination of attractiveness that offers the scientific proof to support these underlying subconscious desires. Numerous surveys have been conducted among college females, both black and white, who were shown colorless drawings of different facial and body features from both black and white men. The women were to rate those features they found most attractive. Both black and white women overwhelmingly chose black (or African) features (i.e. fuller lips, etc.) as the most attractive, thereby indicating that white women (along with black women) find black traits the most desirable. These facts are not lost on the white male and through his de-evolution we find that he can only adjust to his new role in the world by becoming less masculine. Masculinity is defined by aggressive, strong, sexually dominant, leadership capabilities and intellectual superiority. Through the ages white males have made sure that there was not a fair comparison of white males to Black males so that white females could not compare for they knew if and when the white female had a comparison their sub species was doomed. That has now occurred and every human on earth sees daily why the Black race is superior to all of the sub species such as whites. So there is only one way the white male can go and that is to loose his masculinity. Scientific evidence exists in many forms to prove this is occurring. We have already discussed the penile aspect as well as the sexual attraction portion. We have learned about the physical make up of the human body and why white as a skin color is inferior and we see the results of academic scores when all races and their sub species are given equal chance. But there is more, much more. As the white male realizes his inferior status he is losing his masculinity in other ways. The number of white male cuckolds is increasing exponentially and in virtually all cases they white wife and the white cuckold seek out a superior Black male to do the breeding and sexual satisfaction. The white male accepts this without question and yet if the wife would take a white male the white husband gets very upset and disapproves. White males are often told they are no longer permitted sexual rights to their legally married wife and obey these rules without question when imposed by the superior Black male. Again something that would not be tolerated if coming from another white male.   In addition some 60% of all white male adults have worn female clothing indicating that they are seeking out an alternative to their masculine presence. Society has ingrained that a male can not act female or he is not a male. To be a male is to NOT be female. But also to be a man a male must meet certain criteria of which the white male is incapable of meeting when In the presence of a Black Male.  White females have undergone extensive feminization of the white male to make sure he understands where his place in the hierarchy is. Many other white males have undertaken this task on their own in hopes of becoming useful to the superior Black race. The mere fact that many married white males freely give their wives over to the superior Black race, agree to totally sexual denial, dress and perform traditional feminine duties such as domestic work and even serve their Black superiors a surrogate female is overwhelming evidence of the de-evolution of the white sub species.  The white male has lost all of his ability to perform as a dominant or superior male in the breeding pool. He is no longer bale to satisfy even his married spouse and he realizes this and seeks ways to fit in lest he be banned entirely from the human race. The human Species Blacks, are now in a position to lead the other subspecies such as the white race in a direction that will benefit all humans and their subspecies in coherent and beneficial direction. This requires Black leadership and whites to obey and follow and support those leaders.  All the parts of the puzzle are there and only need to be put together. This starts by understanding what each Species and sub species role is. The hierarchy is as follows: The Human Species (Blacks) are at the top with the Black Male being the ultimate superior benign followed by the Black female. Under the human species comes the various sub species such as whites, Asians, etc. In the sub species the female is the superior which opposite of the human species where the Black Male is the superior. So in these sub species the female has hierarchy over the male. Thus we see further reason for the sub species male to become more feminine and less masculine. This is indeed the evolution of the white male as a sub species of the human species in order for him to survive will be to become feminine in appearance and traits. He will learn to submit and obey the superior Black and as well as the white female does now and his desire will be to please and serve as a perfectly trained servant. This completes the current study on the de-evolution of the white male and where the evolutionary path will take him in regards to the superior Blacks, the only true human and how the subspecies were spawned and where they are going. Comments and questions are always welcome.

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