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Black Owned Sissy

Black Owned Sissy

You are a slut for black dick.  An otherwise intelligent, straight looking and acting white man who craves black dick.  It’s become your obsession.  You are fascinated with them.  In terms of your arousal, your own little cock is insignificant; your ass has become your erogenous zone.  You need to be penetrated deep and hard by relentless black dicks that fuck you deep in your very soul.

You need to be raped and beaten and used by powerful black dicks.  You are consumed with thoughts of being a sissy faggot with an insatiable asscunt that pleasures scores of black men, leaving them drained while you are begging for more.  You dream of endless amounts of sperm dripping from your slutty hole, sucking the dirty dicks that have ravished the depths of your ass, you live for the day you can be used as a toilet and cum dump to black men that remind you constantly that you are nothing.  You fantasize of giving up your rights and privileges as a human being to become the sexual bitch of gorgeous black men with powerful thick weapons of meat that hang obscenely from their crotches.  You long to hear a Black man say, “I own your fuckhole you white sissy faggot.  I can ram my hard black prick in you any time I want and you better like it.”


A sissy knows that their strongest need, is the need for a black man to take possession, and use them for his own pleasure. The sexual desires of the sissy are secondary, and should be of no concern to the black man.

The feel of a black cock entering a sissy, and the knowledge that a hard fucking is about to happen is what sissies live for. The satisfaction a sissy gets when a black man pushes his manhood inside a sissies ass, then uses him like a cheap whore, should be enough.

But the feel of letting a black man use you as a cum dump is the feeling that keeps you coming back for more. No matter how bad a black man hurts you, when he rips your ass, you know that when he fills you with his black seed, you will have the most intense orgasm of your life. Sissies understand that the nectar of the black man is a narcotic each injection causes the addiction to be stronger. Every black man that cums in you will cause you to need the next black cock quicker, soon you think of nothing but how to get more black men to fuck you.

Yes you will lay there with a black man’s cum leaking out of your ass, asking for more…

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