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FICTION: Lord Darks Sissy

FICTION: Lord Darks Sissy

For years I was married and had fantasies of being
gang banged by a group of black men and made to serve
them and beg for more. I got divorced and began to
look at pictures of big black cocks, just the sight
of them made my mouth water and me squirm in my
seat. I couldn’t understand why. I then found this
sight and began to chat with LORD DARK, he told me
that I needed to come to Montana so he could teach
me to be a good little white sissy slut for a big black
bull and then I would be able to understand the feelings
inside of me. I was very scared but felt that I must
do as I was told.

I went to Montana and got a room as told for our
meeting. I then shaved my body, dressed in a black
lace crotchless body suit, black padded bra, red
mini dress, long blond haired wig, black boots,
make-up, lip stick, eye shadow and perfume. With a
pack of extra long Virginia Slims 120s as I was told.
I was ready and scared to death. I wanted to chicken
out but I couldn’t, I had to do as I had been told.

LORD DARK arrived at the room, came through the
door and immediately told me not to say a word.
I was to back up against the wall with my legs
slightly spread and my hands on the wall for his
inspection and approval. By that time he had already
pulled his huge cock from his zipper as he stepped
over and firmly rubbed my breasts. Then down my sides
and hips. He stepped over against me letting his
throbbing black cock rub against my inner thighs and
against my pussy as he massaged my hips and thighs.
I reached for his cock and he told me to keep my
hands on the wall until told. I was trembling so bad
that I could barely stand if not for being up against
the wall. I wasn’t sure if it was more from fear or
from the anticipation of what would come next.

He then asked me if his cock was what I had
expected and I had to admit that it was more than I
had ever imagined and I was sure that it would never
all fit inside of me. He then told me that I passed
inspection, that he would make me a good little white
sissy slut and assured me that I was going to take
all of that black cock as I was told, Right.
found myself saying yes LORD whatever you tell me.
He replied Thats Right, Whatever I TELL YOU!!!
He then told me to get on all fours on the bed
with my legs apart so he could check my white pussy ass,
I felt the head of his cock push against me as it
rubbed the lips of my pussy, then I gasped as it slid
inside me, he slowly began to ease it inside me. Soon
I thought I would explode yet all I could do was beg for
more. I asked is that all the way in me only to be told we
weren’t half way yet.

I thought it was ripping me apart. He continued to fuck
me until I could feel his hot balls pushing against me.
He then grabbed my hips and began to drive his cock hard
inside me letting his balls began to slap my ass. All of
a sudden he pulled it out and in one quick motion had
flipped me over pulled my ankles above his shoulders and
spread wide apart and had thrust his cock all way inside me,
I remember that I whimpered and wanted to cry as he pulled
my ankles higher and began to pull his cock almost all
the way out and slide all the way back in.

I was amazed that with all the pain I felt that I found myself
telling him how great it felt and begging him not to stop,
telling him how great his huge black cock felt inside of me and
thanking him for making me a little white sissy slut and showing
me how much I needed some big black cock, I couldn’t believe
the words coming out of my mouth. He then slid up over my neck
and told me to suck his cock, it was so big I could barely get
it in my mouth, I slurped away wanting to please him and trying
to get a little more into my mouth in order to slide my lips
farther down the shaft. He then grabbed the back of my head
and said I TOLD YOU TO SUCK THAT COCK, pushing it deep into
my throat, as I gagged he would pull it back enough for me
to gasp for air just as he would ram it deep into my throat
again, but I soon realized that he wasn’t hold the back of my
head anymore, that it was me pulling on him trying to get his
cock as far down my throat as I could. As I collapsed on the
bed he told me no way to get back on my knees. I told him
that I couldn’t, he replied that he didn’t ask me if I could,

I did as I was told. He again fucked me very hard, made me suck
his cock, fucked me again and again until I couldn’t move other
than to lay there and quiver.

He asked me if I would be a good bitch and come back to service
him, I said YES LORD or whenever you come to California.
I am returning to Washington State for awhile and hope to
swing through Montana on the way.

I know now that I am destined to be a little white sissy slut
for black bulls now whenever I get the chance. If I get the
chance I would love to full fill my fantasy and be gang banged
by black cocks, possibly even filmed. Let me know if we
could make it happen. I Would love to meet other black bulls that would
like to teach me more. Hope to hear from you all soon.



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