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How Politics will Evolve to Create Support 

for the “New World Order”


The Evolution to a “New World Order” Taking Place.
     I  am convinced that the evolution of our society and culture to a “New World Order” (NWO) will initially be a gradual, legal, democratic process that will be accomplished quite peacefully and easily. The NWO will initially be implemented using our current electoral process and will be consistent with our Constitution, just as Hitler came to power through a constitutionally legal process. Once in Power and once the NWO has been fully implemented, there will be a consensus to support more aggressive methods of transforming, feminizing and sissifying any reluctant white males into acceptance and to embrace their new role in a Black dominated social and cultural structure.

In fact, powerful Black politicians, including President Obama, are already  forming coalitions with wimpy, weak, white politicians who are secretly effeminate and/or gay to quietly and gradually pass legislation that will promote feminization, sissification and all of the medical procedures that facilitate that movement. These Black politicians understand intimately and perfectly the dynamic of white wives going after Black men and the consequences of that for their tiny-dicked, weak, wimpy little sissy husbands. Since many powerful white politician’s wives have already been seduced by Black men from behind closed doors, many of these politicians have already been feminized and sissified.

However, these white politicians realize that they must be subtle and move gradually step by step. The public is not yet ready for a full fledged program to implement theBlack New World Order. Consequently, the politicians will follow a staged approach with each phase carefully designed to naturally lead us to the next evolutionary development so that the public will be gradually convinced and persuaded to support the eventual passage of “Reparations Laws”. These will fully implement a Black Ruled World where white boys will be fully feminized, sissified and forced to submit to their Black Master

(1)   First Step: Provide legal protection and publicize famous homosexuals: it is necessary to protect the rights of the LGBT community to hold jobs, marry and appear in public together. President Obama and his transgender wife Michelle has been at the forefront of a bi-partisan coalition of both Blacks and whites to promote the rights of effeminate white boys to marry other men and to have their jobs protected even if they are transgender cross-dressers. Moreover, there have been a large number of celebrities, politicians and business leaders over the last couple of years who have “come out” of the closet in order to provide a role model and example for effeminate little whitebois.


These role models have included Anderson Cooper, Barney Frank, the former CEO of one of the major oil companies and numerous other movie stars, professional athletes and high profile individuals. Almost every white family can now count among their relatives at least one and in several cases many: sons, nephews, cousins or some other relative who has “come out” and is openly Gay.



Gender Dysphoria among young effeminate white boys is so widespread that the administrators and principals in public schools report that more and more young white boys are declaring openly their homosexuality as young as age 8 and in large numbers by age 12 or 13. With the leadership from the President and other politicians, celebrities and famous people, the stigma of being gay is rapidly disappearing for young whitebois in urban areas, most suburban and even rural areas. The government will begin to allocate more and more money to Public Health communications that publicize how natural and normal it is for young white boys to become homosexuals, cross-dressers and transwomen

Scientific research has already convinced the vast majority of the public that queer-boys are “born that way” and that their sexual preferences are NOT a matter of choice but instead a matter of genetic programming and bio-chemistry that they have no power to resist. Consequently, there is a growing consensus in America that supports these white boys who choose to follow their natural destiny or path to become feminized and sissified. It is no longer surprising nor shocking to see androgynous young boys at malls, theatres, bars, churches and at family reunions. They are everywhere and most families now accept and support their sexual choices

This lays the groundwork for an even more pervasive and persuasive government sponsored communication program to foster general acceptance of the basic principles necessary for the evolution to a New World Order. The government will fund, sponsor and distribute more and more documentaries like the National Geographic special on “The Fafafini” which shows how Samoan society has created a special, honored place in the traditional family structure for cross-dressing, transgender Samoan boys who have been selected to fulfill the role of a Third Gender Sissy in order to make Samoan family life and society function more effectively and more successfully

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