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 The government will fund and support scientific research that validates the need to identify young boys who are effeminate and to provide them with counseling, education and information so that they can begin a regimen of taking hormones at earlier and earlier ages. At first, only a very small number of white boys who clearly demonstrate Gender Dysphoria will be selected for the program.

Later, after the succes of the program, more and more white boys will be selected based on both quantitative and qualitative criteria. There is already a well-respected scientific project that has documented that young boys with effeminate tendencies should be started on a regimen of hormones prior to age 9 in order to more easily transition thus becoming well-adjusted and happy “females.” Again, only a small number of boys will be selected for the program.

However, as they graduate from the program and become happy, well adjusted, fully functioning females, they will provide the tangible proof that early feminization of white boys is beneficial both to the boy and to society. Instead of living a life of being teased, tormented and bullied for being effeminate (to the point where many commit suicide), these boys will become beautiful, productive, happy, well-adjusted “girls” and their white parents will be so grateful they have found happiness that they will provide public testimonials encouraging other white parents to enroll their white sons into the program


This will dramatically expand support for this program among the white community. Of course, the Black bulls and Black couples who “marry” or “adopt” one of these sissy-white-boys will become the envy of their neighborhoods as their Black friends become jealous when they see the type of household and sexual services these pretty little pussy-boy maids can provide.

This will dramatically expand support for this program in the Black community because more and more Black couples will want their own sissy-maid in order to keep up with the neighbors

In order to expand support for the program, neighborhood clubs that in the past secretly met for domination and sexual use of white wives and white sissy-boys, will be expanded and will become more public as the government will encourage them to publicly recruit new members to attend their weekly and monthly meetings

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